PBO launches service to cost 2021 election campaign proposals

Independent cost estimates to help voters make informed choices at the ballot box

The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) will be offering election campaign proposal costing services for the 2021 election. The service, available to all recognized parties represented in the House of Commons as well as parties without official recognition, is being launched today and will enable Canadian voters to make informed choices when they go to the ballot box.

The PBO offered this service for the first time in the 2019 federal election. Between June 24th and October 21st, 2019, the PBO successfully costed over 200 requests from political parties, over 100 of which were ultimately published by the PBO with the consent of political parties.

“The last election demonstrated a real willingness from the political parties to use our costing service for proposed measures. Independent and non-partisan costing of election campaign proposals lead to greater transparency and help build trust in the political process,” said PBO Yves Giroux. “We look forward to working with political parties and independent MPs so Canadian voters have access to the information they need before they cast their ballots.”

Canadian voters will be able to access the costing estimates from the PBO website.

Also today, the PBO released the results of the 2021 Election Proposal Costing Baseline, which was used to stress test internal business processes and costing capacity before the election.