Category : Costing

Cost Estimate for Bill C-399 “Fairness for Persons with Disabilities Act”

This report responds to a request of Mr. Tom Kmiec, the member for Calgary Shepard, to estimate the financial cost of Bill C-399, which broadens eligibility for the disability tax credit for persons spending extensive time on therapy to support their vital functions.

Costing 2018 Fall Economic Statement and Off-Cycle Measures

In preparation of the upcoming 2019 federal general election, PBO used the 2018 Fall Economic Statement as an opportunity to assess its existing capacity to cost a variety of policy initiatives within a short period of time.

Costing Irregular Migration across Canada's Southern Border

MP Larry Maguire (Brandon – Souris, CPC) requested the PBO to prepare an estimate of the total and projected costs to the federal government in managing the increase in irregular arrivals. This report presents an average unit cost per refugee claimant, based on the costs associated with the federal organizations involved in the asylum process, as well as a sensitivity analysis of future costs.

Cost Estimate of a Reduction in the Federal Corporate Income Tax Rate

This report responds to a request to provide the estimated fiscal cost of reducing the federal corporate income tax rate by 1 percentage point per year over 6 years. By the end of 6 years, this presents a combined federal-provincial statutory rate of 20.7%.

Status Report on Phase 1 of the Investing in Canada Plan

This report a status update on Phase 1 of the Government’s Investing in Canada Plan, which was announced in Budget 2016 and intended to provide a short-term economic boost to the economy.

Taxation of employer-provided health-benefits - Report revised June 1, 2018

The PBO has prepared an estimate of the fiscal impact of including employer-paid health benefits in an individual’s taxable income.

The Impact of a Pan-Canadian Carbon Pricing Levy on PBO’s GDP Projection

This report provides additional detail related to the economic impact of the carbon pricing levy presented in PBO’s April 2018 Economic and Fiscal Outlook.

Cost Estimate for Bill C-394: An Act to amend the Income Tax Act (parenting tax credit)

Consistent with PBO’s mandate, this report estimates the net fiscal cost resulting from an implementation of a private member’s bill, Bill C-394 which amends the Income Tax Act to establish a tax credit with respect to maternal and parental benefits, and would "provide a tax credit that would offset any taxes owing on their maternity and parental leave."

Patent restoration and the cost of pharmaceuticals

This report pulls together a number of databases so as to estimate the cost of recent regulatory changes governing patented pharmaceuticals. It compares the cost of patented innovative medicines with that of non-patented prescription medicines. That comparison is then used to make inferences regarding the annual cost of prolonging market exclusivity for a class of drugs similar to patented innovative medicines.

Costing Budget 2018 Measures

On September 21, 2017, the Parliament of Canada Act was revised to expand the PBO’s mandate to include estimating the financial cost of election campaign proposals.  In preparation of the upcoming 2019 federal general election, PBO has independently estimated the fiscal impact of 10 revenue and spending measures announced in Budget 2018.
This report reflects the PBO’s active response to this mandate expansion, containing independent cost estimates that were prepared and published in less than 60 days.