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Election Proposal Costing Baseline

This report provides PBO’s economic and fiscal baseline projection for the 2019 election proposal costing period.

Closing the gap: carbon pricing for the Paris target (Revised June 20, 2019)

This report provides an estimate of the additional carbon price that would be needed to achieve Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions target in 2030 under the Paris Agreement, as well as an estimate of the corresponding impact on the Canadian economy.

Economic and Fiscal Outlook - April 2019

Consistent with the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s legislated mandate, this report provides PBO’s economic and fiscal outlook.

Infrastructure Update: Investments in Territories

The report examines capital investments made by territories with the objective to identify the incremental impact of federal infrastructure funding on their capital spending in 2016-17 and 2017-18.

The impact of the Canada – United States – Mexico Agreement on prescription drug expenditures in Canada

This report estimates the additional pharmacy-dispensed prescription drug expenditures for Canadian consumers that would result from the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA). A two-year extension of data protection for biologics will delay the introduction of biosimilars for some expensive drugs. This would likely keep prices higher than they otherwise would have been.


Infrastructure Update: Investments in Provinces and Municipalities - Revised: Table 3-1

The report examines infrastructure investments made by provinces and some municipalities with the objective to identify the incremental impact of federal infrastructure funding on provincial and municipal capital investment.

Economic and Fiscal Monitor - February 2019

This report provides an in-year estimate of Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2018 and the Government of Canada’s budgetary balance in 2018 19, based on data released since our October 2018 Economic and Fiscal Outlook, up to and including 8 February 2019.

Labour Market Assessment 2018: Wage inequality – Update

This note updates selected results from our assessment published in October 2018, incorporating recently released data for the fourth quarter of 2018.

PBO and Finance Canada Long-term Projection Comparison

Consistent with the PBO's legislated mandate, this report provides a comparison of long-term economic and fiscal projections prepared by Finance Canada and PBO in 2018.

Fall Economic Statement 2018: Issues for Parliamentarians

To assist parliamentarians in their pre-budget deliberations, this report identifies key issues arising from the Government’s Fall Economic Statement published on 21 November 2018.

Cost Estimate of a Reduction in the Federal Corporate Income Tax Rate

This report responds to a request to provide the estimated fiscal cost of reducing the federal corporate income tax rate by 1 percentage point per year over 6 years. By the end of 6 years, this presents a combined federal-provincial statutory rate of 20.7%.

Economic and Fiscal Outlook - October 2018 - Revised Oct. 31, 2018

Consistent with the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s legislated mandate, this report provides PBO’s economic and fiscal outlook.

Labour Market Assessment - 2018

This report provides parliamentarians with an assessment of the state of Canada’s labour market. It examines labour market indicators relative to their trend estimates, and looks at wage inequality at the national level, as well as across provinces and by gender.

Fiscal Sustainability Report 2018

This report provides PBO’s assessment of the sustainability of government finances over the long term for the federal government, subnational governments and public pension plans.

Status Report on Phase 1 of the Investing in Canada Plan

This report a status update on Phase 1 of the Government’s Investing in Canada Plan, which was announced in Budget 2016 and intended to provide a short-term economic boost to the economy.

PBO's Approach to Measuring Potential GDP

This report describes PBO’s approach to measuring potential GDP.

Extended April 2018 Economic and Fiscal Outlook

In preparation for the financial costing of election campaign proposals in 2019, the PBO is taking this opportunity to produce an extended outlook and line-item costing. The PBO encourages parliamentarians and their political parties to provide feedback regarding this initiative.

The Impact of a Pan-Canadian Carbon Pricing Levy on PBO’s GDP Projection

This report provides additional detail related to the economic impact of the carbon pricing levy presented in PBO’s April 2018 Economic and Fiscal Outlook.

Patent restoration and the cost of pharmaceuticals

This report pulls together a number of databases so as to estimate the cost of recent regulatory changes governing patented pharmaceuticals. It compares the cost of patented innovative medicines with that of non-patented prescription medicines. That comparison is then used to make inferences regarding the annual cost of prolonging market exclusivity for a class of drugs similar to patented innovative medicines.

Costing a National Guaranteed Basic Income Using the Ontario Basic Income Model

This report responds to a request of Mr. Pierre Poilievre (Carleton–CPC) to estimate the cost of establishing a guaranteed basic income program at the national level. PBO takes the policy parameters of Ontario’s basic income pilot project and applies them across the country to estimate the cost of a guaranteed basic income (GBI), and then compares the estimated cost to the current federal support for low income. The annual gross cost of expanding the Ontario Basic Income Pilot across the country would amount to an estimated $76.0 billion in 2018-2019. By 2022-2023, it would reach nearly $79.5 billion.