Blog Policy

Parliamentary Budget Officer’s Blog Policy

The following outlines the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s blog policy.

The primary objective of the PBO’s blog is to promote and disseminate the reports, related data, testimony and presentations made by the PBO and his/her staff. On occasion, the PBO blog will also post relevant information and or additional detail related to PBO publications.

PBO blog posts are attributed to the Parliamentary Budget Officer, unless otherwise specified.

The blog will provide a portal to PBO staff analysis through which parliamentarians and the public can access non-technical summaries, data and links to related documents. The PBO blog is administered by the staff of the PBO.

All links inserted in blog posts are to be limited to official pages of organizations relevant to PBO activities (e.g., Finance Canada, OECD, IMF etc.).

Responses and comments on the blog will not be posted; however, parliamentarians and the public can address their comments to

The PBO will review comments sent to When a message containing a more specific question is received from a parliamentarian or his/her staff, the PBO will reply privately by email or will arrange a meeting. Only relevant and courteous comments will be accepted. The PBO reserves the right to respond to comments from the public. Responses to questions/comments sent to will not be posted on the blog.

Blogging Frequency

The blogging frequency varies widely depending on the publication of PBO reports, testimony and presentations.

Official languages

The PBO blog is available in both of Canada’s official languages.

The PBO respects the Official Languages Act and is committed to ensuring that its products are available in both English and French and are of equal quality.

Questions about the PBO Blog

For any questions regarding the PBO blog guidelines and its administration, please contact the PBO.